Can I make money blogging?

Can I make money blogging?

If you want to learn how you can make money blogging, you need to continue reading this article. We will answer every question about how can I make money blogging? Searching on the web for your answer will be another way to know how to make money blogging, but an expert blogger will give you advice that will be more generic and will be based on past experiences. You need to focus on your passion, stay consistent with your ambition, form a good writing habit, and create unique content.

By applying all the above-mentioned rules, you will be able to make a good amount of money with your blogging and a few years from now you will finally have the ability to have enough traffic on your blog. You can also monetize your blog by adding affiliate programs content, Google AdSense, online course, podcasting, are other ways to make money blogging. You don't need to worry about waiting for years and years to get traffic on your blog. All the advice out there which connects you to the years of experiences is wrong. You can make your blog worth watching with some tips and tricks. In this article, we will drive you through each step that can help you make money blogging a profession.

To make your blog start making money for you you need to start creating one right now. You need to start thinking like a CEO and develop strategies for your blog to start up your own business. Do not make your blog your hobby to do in your free time instead make it your full-time job to compete with other bloggers. Get in the race of earning.

Most of the blogging, the advice might help you and most might not be helpful for you. Consider the best advice which you think will fit best with your blog strategy.

You can make money blogging even while you sleep. You will have 90% of your audience. Follow all the expert's tips, however, there are still few people who put "Expert" with their name even if they own a blog for 10 just days. You need to be an expert within 1 year.

Tips to make money Blogging:

·       You need to focus more on creating content rather than writing. Adding advertisements to your blog will scale to success and will speed your blog towards success. Focus more on the content that you will be creating.

·       Always think like a CEO. Don’t just be a blogger think like a boss and act like a boss,

·       Follow SEO, keyword research, content marketing strategies, Word Press development, and affiliate marketing so you can make more money from blogging.

You are here to know how I can make money blogging. Of course, you do. Everyone wants to know how to make money. Have you just started your blog? Or heard from a friend about blogging and you are exploring ways to monetize your blog. No matter in which category you are, you will be making money with your blog in a few years. Whether it's your hobby to write or you just want to get rich, do it in the right manner. You can transform yourself into the CEO of your blog and support your family with the money you earn from your blog. Let's dive into each step that will lead you to make money blogging. You can make a profit with your blog.

Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads

One of the most common ways to earn money from your blog is by placing ads on your website. There are two popular methods with which you can earn money from your blog.

  • CPC/PPC Ads: Cost per click (also called pay per click) ads are known as banners that you place on your website. These types of ads appear in the middle of an article or on the right side of your website. Each time any reader clicks on the ad you are paid for a single click.
  • CPM Ads: CPM Ads are known as impressions cost per 1000 impressions. These are the ads that pay you in return for a fixed amount based on how many people recently viewed your ad.


For most of the people out there Google Adsense is the easiest way to place your ads. With this, you don't need to make indirect contact with the advertisers. With Google AdSense, you will simply be able to place a banner ad on your website and get paid for each impression. Countless programs like this are available online. Likewise, Chitika, Infolinks, and Media.net are some alternatives to Google AdSense.

Sell Private Ads

Years ago, you have to pay before you get paid or display any ads on your website. But with the advancement in technology advertising networks are becoming wider. If you have good traffic on your blog advertising agencies will come to your directly. You can also contact any advertisers yourself. The advantage is selling private ads is that there's no third party involved in your selling ads on your websites. You are going to take the share, the biggest difference is that you can set your rates to ads and work accordingly. You can also set some premium packages for displaying ads on your websites. Selling private ads comes from the different buttons, links, and banners which re-directs the user to the next page of the product you are advertising on your website. You can also give credit to the advertisers by stating "brought to you by" under your article.  You can also Sell your Science Career Aspirations. There are many ways to create unique content. All you have to do is select your niche.

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Despite placing the ads on your website directly you can indirectly take them to the next page and this can only happen by the highest level of content. If your content is good enough and has the potential to take the user to the next page then you are going to make money blogging in near future.



Include Affiliate Links in Your Content

There are many ways out there to promote affiliate products on your website. Simply you can do it by adding those affiliate links to your blog and many of them required great skill to attach links to your blog. 

You need to talk naturally in your articles while mentioning affiliate links from Amazon, this is the best way to gather an audience and force them to purchase something from Amazon. Affiliate marketing has become another best tool to monetize your blog. Here is the tutorial of how affiliate marketing works:

  1.  An advertiser who sells different products agrees to give you commission whenever a buyer comes from your site. The seller is bound to give you a commission if the buyer is directly coming to him/her from your site.
  2. The seller gives you a direct unique link to track your affiliate code.  With that unique link, the seller knows when a buyer used your link to make a purchase.
  3.  In affiliate marketing, you include an affiliate link on your site.  Sell your Fashion designer Career Aspirations. There are many people who are good at continuing their passion through fashion designing. You can do this process directly or in banner ads form. If you are good at tattoo designing you can also Sell your Tattoo Artist Career Aspirations. If your readers click on the link and buy the product right away you earn some fixed percentage of what he/she has purchased.

To earn money from your blog you can utilize affiliate marketing by ad networks for instance: Amazon Associates,  on the other hand, you can also create your partnership with the advertisers along with an affiliate program.


 Why Even Start a Blog?

We have discussed some key point and workaround which can help you make money blogging. We have to know why we need to start a blog. What are the pros and cons of blogging? Let's look at some reasons why you should start a blog to gain more money.

  • A blog to Share: Share your things with the world. There is a myth about people that they blog to only show off but that's not the case.  To start up blogging you need let know your crowd first. Let them know to share your blog's URL with your friends.


  • To promote something: Blog and promote. This is going to be an important step. There are many reasons customer relationship management platforms include. There are many built-in themes and plugins which let your blog easily. Appealing websites help you generate good traffic on your website.


  • To help people. Many bogs give services to people. Outdoor and indoor. Some of the services include cleaning services, digital media services movie reviews, and much more. To help people and earn money at the same time isn't so hard these days. Blogs give you a great path to democratize information and get people on the right track.



  • Share the breaking news to the world: News blogs are used to break news and share the break the news to the world by sharing the news on your blog. There’s always a blog that is covering something new out there.



The Pros of Blogging

There are many pros of Blogging. From Pros we meant perks. In 2020, people are being at home all-time, quarantining their selves at homes. Covid-19 has totally changed our lifestyles. So to get rid of your boredom you can start blogging. There are many pros of blogging let's check them out.

1. Easier Than Ever

2. Low Startup Costs

3. Drives Organic traffic To Your Website

4. Builds a Community

5. Showcases Your Work

6. Easy to Monetize

The Cons of Blogging

With consistency comes success. But don’t take depression if your blog isn’t making money. There are different cons to blogging.

1. Blogging Demands Consistency

2. Do Everything Yourself while you Blog

3. Good Content Isn’t Easy

4. Potential Technical Issues


How to Start a Blog: Step-by-Step

We have discussed above all the steps to make money through blogging but what exactly you need to know is how to start a blog. If you are serious about launching your blog or website then here's everything you need to understand. We have got step by step guide to help you understand how to start a blog. The more you spend time creating an eye-catching blog the more you will succeed in the long term.

1.     Pick a Topic 

Choose on which topic you will be starting your blog. Get a clear vision of what you will write about in your blog. Define a topic and stick to a niche whether it's fashion, food, or lifestyle. Sell your Food Career Aspirations by your blog You can also cover many niches but you need to be producing creative content within each blog. You should also create digital products and services that will relate to your content.  Design all of your content and build content that can help you catch more audience. Picking a helpful topic can attract more customers. Anticipating the highly informative content can be a good way to get a lead in the magnetic field of blogging. You have all the rights to write on your favorite topic. Sell your Nutrition Career Aspirations as well by your blogs.

2.     Select a Platform

There are many popular platforms where you can start blogging. Word press is one of the best platforms where you can create a website that can be leveraged; you can also start promoting your blogs at Tumblr, Blogger.com, and even on medium. If you are serious about blogging you can start a self-hosted WordPress installation on a custom domain.

You can set up a blog at Wordpress.com and by a  subdomain for instance myblog.wordpress.com, you will get more interaction with the self-hosted solution. For content marketing efforts you can use subdomains as well.

3.     Pick a Domain Name


Custom domains are important if you are relying on any third-party hosted subdomain.

You can Use BlueHost, HostGator, 1&1 Hosting. Consider using any other domain name provider to source your domain.

4.     SEO:

Knowing SEO is very important. You should know about the SEO thing because when you select your domain name you should be able to understand the following suggestions:

  • Always use high-end Top Level Domain (TLD) For Instance: .com or .net
  • Keep your domain short and no more than 15 characters.
  • Do not purchase any domain with hyphens, because they are not associated with any spammers.
  •  Do not use self-hosted subdomains, this can help your blog rand to categorize posts.

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5.     Get connected with a Good Web Hosting Company

There are many web hosting companies in the market. If you have decided to start WordPress, a self-hosted blog, you have many endless options. Pick the right and suitable budget and to ensure service level and guaranteed service.

6. Install the AMP plugin

Install Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an initiative by Google to speed up mobile accessibility and make your content mobile-friendly. AMP makes your web page thin and structural according to components along with scaled-back JS and minified CSS code, this makes the pages fast in speed and connectivity.


7. Install Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics on your website s you can keep the track of your efforts that you have been putting in building our blog.  That's a great way to keep your work align while using the URL campaign builder when you attach links in your blog you can drop links in social media and other places. So you can effectively have the idea

from where your actual traffic is coming from.


8. Regularly Build Useful Content

Be a useful anchor of your blog. Always produce a blog that will stand out from the crowd do not copy other people's content. If you are serious about building content you rather keep in your head that doesn't write for search engines write for the right audience. This is peaceful advice that you will be needing. You should Content with meaning for human eyes and human help. You can write tech-related guides which are very common to be found easily in search engines.


9. Sign Up for an Email Marketing Platform

The best platform to make money from your blog is through email marketing. This is the quickest way to sign up for an email marketing platform like Aweber, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, these platforms give you access to sign up and start email marketing through their websites.

If you are willing to put in your time and effort you should stay persistent towards your goal, yes for years. You can most certainly generate a substantial amount of online income from your blog. If your blog is following all the SEO rules and tactics that we have mentioned above then success isn’t far away. You can target the right clients and right customers no matter in which industry or niche you are writing the blog in. You can also make video blogs and attach a link to your website. Most of the time you lost courage and don't continue with what you have decided. Make it your ambition and follow the right rules to success.


If you're serious about succeeding with your blog, you need to build useful anchor content. It needs to be engaging, keyword-centric, insightful, unique, and well written. Don't write your content for search engines. It's also important to regularly publish your content every week.







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