Children's book author salary

Children's book author salary

Children's book author salary


The author is generally paid from publishing proceeds, royalties, or a combination of the two. Writers who produce a book every year are generally paid fairly well.

How much children's book authors earn depends on the type of book, including the format and genre, as well as the amounts of any advances and royalties. According to Midwest Journal Press, options like self-publishing and print-on-demand can reduce the cost to produce the book to lead to higher earnings, although your royalties will vary by platform used. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) listed a $61,820 annual wage in May 2017 for all authors and writers, regardless of publication, with half of writers making more and half making less. On the low end, the bottom 10 percent of writers earned less than $30,520, while the highest-paid 10 percent made more than $118,760. (Source: work.chron.com)


children's book author salary

The hourly rate of a children’s book author can vary widely, but most authors typically earn around $2. 07 per hour as of 2015, which means it pays about $46,000 per year for someone who writes a book for kids under 12 and $94,000 per year for people who write books for a younger audience. Many authors make a decent income from book sales.

What about Jeff Kinney, you ask, the creator of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series? What about Rick Riordon and his Percy Jackson books? And how about Suzanne Collins, of Hunger Games fame? (Source: makealivinginkidlit.com)


Children's book author salary statistics show that virtually anyone with a passion for writing can make a decent living out of their work. Writers for children's books can make anywhere from $17,900 to $148,400 USD annually, depending on their location and their earnings. What is the best step for you to begin writing children's books? Write down a brief physical description of the characters, a sample of the story, and a list of other children's books that are similar.



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